Colorization Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth Colorization

This is the third colorization I have completed of Rita Hayworth and to be honest it is a bit of filler content to keep the site updated while I am working on launching the print store. The colorization print store is nearly complete and ready to open this week (hopefully). Within the store you can…

Restoration and colorization

Restored and Colorized Photo for Client

This photo was restored and colorized  for a client. I have been given permission to post this on my blog and retain copyright of my work by the client. The client of course, owns the rights to the black and white original photo. 

Colorization of Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner Colorization

This is the second colorization I have completed of American actress Ava Gardner, the first can be seen here. Ava Gardner gained notoriety for her performance in the 1941 film “The Killers”  after appearing in small roles for several years. Ava went on to win an Acadamy Award for Best Actress for her role in…

Colorized photo of a young couple dancing, 1950s

Young Couple Dancing in Paris, 1951

 This photo was taken by French Photographer Robert Doisneau  in 1951. There is not much information in regards to the setting and background of the photo other than it’s title “Be-bop en cave, Vieux Colombier” which translates to “Bebop Cellar , Vieux Colombier” . I kind of enjoy not knowing the background history of this photo…

Judy Garland Colorized

Described by Fred Astaire as “The greatest entertainer who ever lived” , Judy Garland was an American actress, singer and Vaudevillian who we all recognize as the lovable Dorothy from “The Wizard Of Oz”. Born “Frances Ethel Gumm” in Grand Rapids, Minnesota , Garland was the youngest of three sisters and was born into a family of performers. Both of…

Colorized retro teens sharing a milkshake

Sharing a Milkshake, 1950’s

These young lovebirds managed to find some time between watching “Howdy Doody” and the sock hop to stop and share a milkshake at a local diner. I really like this photo and worked diligently on the subtle details, like the reflections of the hands  and clothing in the table. You may or may not have…