Colorized photo of Carol Lombard 1935.

Merry Christmas! Carol Lombard, 1935.

Merry Christmas! The woman in this photo is American actress Carol Lombard. I will keep this brief so I can get back to holiday festivities before my Fiance strangles me. My full size colorization and the original is below.

Tyke on a Trike, 1913. Restored and Colorized.

This photo of future socialite Helen Marye on her tricycle was taken in Washington D.C.  some time in between 1913-1918. The photo is part of the Harris & Ewing collection and is courtesy of the Library of Congress. Helen Marye was the daughter of Russian ambassador,George Marye.  She grew up in Washington D.C and was…

Restoration and colorization of woman riding a motorcycle 1918

Woman Taking a Motorcycle Ride Through D.C , 1918

No helmet and looking elegant. An impressive action shot for the time period, this photo of a woman riding a motorcycle is courtesy of the Library of Congress and was taken in 1918 by Harris & Ewing. The photo was taken in Washington D.C. looking east from East Executive Ave.  None of the buildings in…

Restoration and colorization for a cient

Restoration and Colorization for a Client

With the holiday season upon us, I have been inundated with client work and have had very little time to work on personal colorization projects. No complaints here though, I enjoy the work and the extra money is a perk. I have completed over two-hundred photos for clients and surely the best part about restoring…

Colorized Black and white photo of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

A website and digital archive called “Digital Einstein”  launched Friday afternoon. The digital archive contains letters, papers, postcards, notebooks and diaries that Einstein left scattered in Princeton and in other archives when he died in 1955. The interface and design of the website is eye-pleasing and speedy and the digital archives are easy to navigate….