American Red Cross Motor Corps Nurse, 1918.


Red Cross Motor Corps Nurse colorized and restored, 1917.

This photo was taken in 1918 and comes from the Harris & Ewing archives within the Library of Congress. The restoration involved in this photo took quite a while to complete. The colorizing portion of the photo was equally as time consuming if not more. I am aware I have been lacking in updating frequently, but I prefer to produce quality over quantity and this is a very time consuming process. I have been tackling more difficult photos that require heavy lighting adjustments and heavy restoration to better sharpen those skills.

This young woman is a nurse for the “American Red Cross Motor Corps”. The Red Cross Motor Corps was established in February 1918 and It’s primary purpose was transporting sick and wounded individuals to local hospitals. The Motor Corps would also deliver supplies to and from warehouses and take canteen workers or nurses to their posts. By the end of World War I, women of the motor corps had driven over 35,000 miles. The motor Corp operated in 300 cities, with 12,000 volunteer drivers on call.

Below is the full size original photo, my restoration of the photo and also my full size colorization.

Red Cross Motor Corps originalAmerican Red Cross Motor Corps Nurse colorized and restored, 1917.American Red Cross Motor Corps Nurse colorized and restored, 1917.

All photo colorization found within Metacolor is completed by hand using a Wacom Graphic Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC software. All website design, writing and photo colorization/restoration found within is the sole work of Wayne Degan.

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