Colorization of Charles Hughes & Charles Fairbanks


Hughes and Fairbanks Colorization Side By Side

This old black and white photo from the Library Of Congress was taken from a glass negative and dates back to around 1915 . These two gentleman were the nominees of the republican party in 1916. On the left is Charles Evans Hughes who was a presidential nominee & The guy on the right is Charles Fairbanks  the Vice President Nominee.

 In 1916 Charles Evans Hughes was a Supreme Court Justice and was also the Governor of New York prior to that. He later left the court to be Secretary of State in Harding & Coolidge administrations and Calvin Coolidge later appointed him back to the Supreme Court as Chief Justice.

Charles W. Fairbanks was a railroad lawyer who served as Senator from Indiana for 8 years until serving 4 years as T. Roosevelt’s Vice President. The city of Fairbanks, AK is named after him.

The colorization came together pretty well for me with this photo. I had good idea of the color scheme I would use in regards to the suits and ties, so I focused a great deal of my attention to the details and skin tone of the face and hands. I used a low opacity violet-blue color on the veins of the hands and wrists with the blending level set to soft light. I also used seven different base layers of skin tones on the hands and face which included, one layer of pink for the base, one layer of purple, one layer of blue,  three layers of peach skin color all set to slightly different shades and finally one layer of brown to darken the skin. I then used many different layers of light and dark red to bring out the wrinkles, eyes and blemishes.

One thing that really made want to colorize this photo was the mirror inside the brown cupboard on the left. There are reflections in there as well as a few items placed on shelves.It was quite tricky to manage, but thats what makes it fun.

As always the full size black and white photo is below as well as my full size colorization. Feel free to share this colorization on your social network of choice as well as leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

Black and white photo of Hughes and FairbanksBlack and white photo of Hughes & Fairbanks Colorized

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