Colorization of the original Lily Munster, Yvonne De Carlo


Yvonne De Carlo Colorization Comparison

I loved The Munsters when I was a kid! When I heard the theme song coming from my parents wood grain television, I would grab my big Tupperware bowl of Boo Berry cereal and glue my eyes to the screen.

That being said, I have been wanting to colorize a photo of Yvonne De Carlo for awhile, the actress who played Lily Munster.The problem was choosing which photo to use, beacause there are so many great ones.The woman had been in over 100 films and was also a touring singer AND the honorary mayor of North Hollywood at one time.

Yvonne De Carlo real name was Margaret Yvonne Middleton and she was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Yvonne De Carlo died at age 84 of natural causes on January 8, 2007 in Woodland Hills, California.

This colorization itself was a bit time consuming, not in difficulty, but choosing the right color scheme for her dress. Not only were the shades of the dress a bit difficult to work with, but there were some odd patterns and colors in the dress. If you look at the top of her left shoulder (your right) there is an odd shaded flower on the dress that is much larger than the rest of the pattern. That piece as well as the linings of the patterns, in which I colored a frosty purple/pink, made this colorization a bit time consuming.

I really liked how the eyes came together on this one. I used two layers of blue, one vivid light and one soft light, a layer of green and then a small whitish-blue around the pupil.

The full size original black and white photo is below as well as my full size colorization. Feel free to share this colorization on your social network of choice or leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

Yvonne De Carlo Black and white photoColorization of Black and white photo of Yvonne de Carlo

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