Judy Garland Colorized

Described by Fred Astaire as “The greatest entertainer who ever lived” , Judy Garland was an American actress, singer and Vaudevillian who we all recognize as the lovable Dorothy from “The Wizard Of Oz”. Born “Frances Ethel Gumm” in Grand Rapids, Minnesota , Garland was the youngest of three sisters and was born into a family of performers. Both of Garlands parents were Vaudevillians who had settled in Grand Rapids to run a movie theater that featured vaudeville acts. For whatever reason, rumors around town suggested that Garlands father was making some sexual advances towards the male ushers. The family decided to put that crap behind them and headed out to California. 

Judy made her film debut in 1929 in a film called “The Big Revue” in which she performed a song and dance number with her two sisters Mary Jane Gumm and Dorothy Virginia Gumm. The Gumm sisters toured the vaudeville circuits and performed in a few short films until they changed their name to “The Garland Sisters” in 1934.

There are a few stories about where the Garland name originated, one being that it was chosen from the film “Twentieth Century” in which Carol Lombard played a character named Lily Garland. Other variations of the story say the name was taken from drama critic Robert Garland or that someone said the sisters were prettier than ” A garland of flowers”. 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer soon noticed and signed 13 year old Judy Garland and went on to act in a bunch of films, including nine with Mickey Rooney. In 1938, Judy was cast as Dorothy in the film  “The Wizard of Oz” and performed a song that made her iconic, “Over the Rainbow”.

Even though Garlands professional life was a huge success she had a great deal of problems in her personal life.  starting when she was a child. Film executives, thought she was unattractive and constantly manipulated how she appeared on screen.She also had major money problems,drug problems and marriage problems. Sadly her drug and alcohol addiction led to her death at the of 47. 

Below is my full size colorization as well as the full size original.

Judy Garland ColorizedJudy Garland Colorized

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