Lilyan Tashman 1923 Black And White Photograph Colorized

I had never heard of Lilyan Tashman until I ran across her photo on the library of congress webpage. I am glad I did because it opened me up to tons of black and white photos from the early 1900 silent film era. Lilyan Tashman was born in brooklyn and was basically the queen of Jewish vaudeville and comedy that was popular during 1910 to 1920

 She was openly a lesbian who was married to Edmund Lowe who was also openly gay and they would have some wild parties from what I read..that was pretty taboo for early 1900. Right on.
The eyes were the most fun for me to color in this image, I used a dark blue on the outside and colored the insides a light green and then “branched” it out. The green layer I used the vivid light blending mode, while the base blue color I used soft light.  This really gives the eyes a more realistic and shiny look.
The original and my colorized version are below. please feel free to share this on your social network of choice and feel fee to leave comments, criticisms or your own colorizations below.
Lilyan Tashman 1923 Black And White Photograph
Lilyan Tashman 1923 Black And White Photograph Colorized


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