Colorized black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe

Love or hate her, there is little doubt that Marilyn Monroe is one of the largest pop culture icons in history. Although it has been over half a century since her death, Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) continues to appear in magazines, television shows and social media.I have never really been a fan of Marilyn Monroe, but I do find her longevity in a throwaway culture fairly interesting.

Marilyn had a pretty rough childhood. Growing up in foster care and poverty before changing her name and achieving a level of stardom arguably unmatched by nearly any celebrity since. Monroe Garnered fame by playing the flirty, blonde & ditzy stereotype but those close to her say her off screen persona was quite the opposite. She was an avid reader and maintained a personal library that included work by Ernest Hemingway, D.H. Lawrence, and James Joyce.

During her career, Monroe’s films grossed more than $200 million. Monroe died of a drug overdose on August 5, 1962, at only 36 years old.

The full size original black and white photo is below along with my restoration and full size colorization. Please leave your comments or questions below.

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe RestoredColorized black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe

All photo colorization found within Metacolor is completed by hand using a Wacom Graphic Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC software. All website design, writing and photo colorization/restoration found within is the sole work of Wayne Degan.

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