Colorization of black and white photo of Bettie Page

Colorization of Bettie Page

I keep things pretty G-rated here at Metacolor and stay away from the majority of pin-ups, but after hearing Bunny Yeager had passed away I really wanted to find a great photo of hers to colorize. This photo of the infamous Bettie Page wasn’t too risque and I felt it would look great with color….

Colorization of a Young, Dapper Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (Born  Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.) is considered to be among the greatest heavyweight boxers in history.His matches were highly entertaining and full of loud mouthed trash-talking that he more often than not, backed up. Being a boxer myself, I have always been a huge fan of Muhammad Ali’s flashy style, more specifically, the Rope-A-Dope.This colorization was easy…

Colorization of Woman Playing Cards and Smoking Cigars in 1941.

Colorization of Women Playing Cards and Smoking Cigars

This black and white photo is from a 1941 issue of life magazine titled “Partying Politics: LIFE goes to a Republican Women’s Bacchanal”.LIFE magazine basically went to all female party where they explored the pleasures of tobacco, poker, the strip tease and other masculine enjoyments as had frequently cost them the evening companionship of husbands,…

Black and white photo of a man watering penguins colorized

Colorization of a Man Watering Penguins

 This colorization of a man watering penguins at the Copenhagen Zoo in 1955 gave me a hard time. It wasnt the difficulty of the photo it was finding the right color scheme. Truth be told, I am still not one hundred percent satisfied with this one, but sometimes you have to just know when its…

Colorization of Black and white photo of Captain A Bevir

Colorization of Captain A Bevir

This photo of Captain A Bevir comes from the Imperial War Museums Collection  in the Commons section on Flickr . His name was Anthony Bevir, and his correspondence address was given as the Colonial Office. This suggests that he was THE Anthony Bevir, later Sir Anthony Bevir, who went on to serve as private secretary to Winston…