Restored & Colorized for a Client Plus Site Upgrades on the Way!


There will be some exciting new features added to the site within the next few days. The biggest feature will be the availability to purchase full color prints of my work in multiple sizes. A “Shop” category will be added to the main page of the site and will be incredibly easy to navigate. Another feature that will be coming this week will be the addition of a colorization forum. The forum will allow better discussion of techniques, ideas and places for people to showcase their own work. Not so much a feature, but I will be rearranging the site and cleaning it up a bit as well as polishing the code and running through a new CDN so the site loads as fast as possible. I am a one man show here at Metacolor, doing all web design, writing, art and everything in between is pretty time consuming so please bear with me as the website goes under construction the next few days.

These photos I recently completed for a client were taken in Bucharest, Romania in between 1915 and 1942. I love working with “Tin-Type” photos, they clean up real good when you desaturate them and adjust the shadows, lighting and levels before adding the color. “Tin Type” is a photo made by creating a direct positive onto a thin sheet of iron coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have in the comments section below.

Colorization for a clientColorization completed for a clientColorization completed for a client

All photo colorization found within Metacolor is completed by hand using a Wacom Graphic Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC software. All website design, writing and photo colorization/restoration found within is the sole work of Wayne Degan.

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