Tyke on a Trike, 1913. Restored and Colorized.


Restored and Colorized Photo of Helen Marye
This photo of future socialite Helen Marye on her tricycle was taken in Washington D.C.  some time in between 1913-1918. The photo is part of the Harris & Ewing collection and is courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Helen Marye was the daughter of Russian ambassador,George Marye.  She grew up in Washington D.C and was a skilled equestrienne. She was married to William Daniel Thomas Jr., a Naval Commander, and had one daughter, Marye Helen Thomas. Helen divorced in 1938 and bought a ranch in Nevada which she named “The S Bar S”. Helen’s longtime friend Phyliss Walsh (1897-1985) helped her to manage the ranch while in operation. Together they were active in founding and running such organizations as the American Women’s Voluntary Services, the Nevada Silver Centennial Committee and the Virginia City Trust Foundation.

The S Bar S Ranch was deeded to the University of Nevada’s College of Agriculture in 1970 to serve as a field laboratory.Helen Marye Thomas died March 24, 1970.

Below is my colorized full size photo as well as the full size black and white original.

Helen MaryeRestored and Colorized Photo of Helen Marye on a Tricycle

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