Union General And Officers Colorized by Request

Black and white photo of civil war general colorized


I ran into this amazing black and white photo on reddit that belonged to /u/ZeroHourHero.  ZeroHourHero recently found out that one of his ancestors was a union general and was requesting for someone to colorize the photo. I have been slammed with personal requests but I couldn’t pass up this photo.
The clarity is amazing for the age of the photograph and I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to bring up the levels and make it bright or if I wanted to leave it a little dull to give it a “weathered” feel. This is a common problem I face when colorizing black and white photos. Some people prefer the image restored and colorized to its brightest sheen and some prefer it with the levels unadjusted to make it still feel old and not lose its character.
I have two photos below, one with the levels cranked and one without, which one do you prefer? ZeroHourHero preferred the less saturated one, so do I. A few others have told me they prefer the higher levels.

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Black and white photo of civil war general

Black and white photo of civil war general colorized
Black and white photo of civil war general colorized


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