Vintage Halloween Pin-up, Actress Lillian Wells.


Colorized Halloween Pinup

I am really pleased with how this colorization turned out. The woman in the photo is Lillian Wells, an  actress and model whose career ran from the early 1940s to the late 1960s.

The original black and white photo required several lighting adjustments before I was able to begin adding color. The source image also had a fuzzy “Glamour Shot” (you remember those right?) thing going on around Lillian’s head which required some tricky sharpening.

My full size colorization is below as well as the original black and white photo.

halloween pinupColorized Halloween Pinup

All photo colorization found within Metacolor is completed by hand using a Wacom Graphic Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC software. All website design, writing and photo colorization/restoration found within is the sole work of Wayne Degan.

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