Who Is Designer Charlotte Lloyd Webber, Is She Related To Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Charlotte Lloyd Webber is a British event designer and the daughter of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. She is the founder and director of CLW Event Design, a company specializing in creating immersive and interactive experiences for events such as Christmas markets, festivals, and corporate functions.

Who is Charlotte Lloyd Webber?

Born in the United Kingdom, Charlotte Lloyd Webber is a professional Creative Designer and planner. She looks to be in her early 40s. Charlotte Lloyd Webber is the designer of Castle Howard Christmas.

Not only is Charlotte the co-founder of Lamplighter Drama and The Oxford Shakespeare Company, but she also owns CLW Design studio with her partner Breeta Gerecke.

The studio has been continuously building a portfolio by using photos from Castle Howard’s events from the last four years.

She is on Instagram under the username @charlottelloydwebber. Currently, she has 440 followers and a total of 22 posts after she joined in November 2018.

Charlotte Lloyd Webber is a creative designer who takes inspiration from paintings and architecture to create a theme that reflects its surroundings.

What is the Relationship Between Charlotte Lloyd Webber and Andrew Lloyd Webber?

There are only a few things every day between the two, though they are both based in London.

They don’t have a shared family tree.

Similarities between Charlotte Lloyd Webber and Andrew Lloyd Webber?

They share the same name

They are both from London, and they both have the same cast.

It is easy to mistake the two as being related as they share the same last name; Charlotte Lloyd Webber is unrelated to Andrew Llyod Webber.

Who is Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Andrew Lloyd Webber was born in Kensington, London, to composer and organist William Lloyd Webber and violinist and pianist Jean Hermione Johnstone. Andrew Lloyd Webber is married to Madeleine Gurdon, with whom he has three kids.

Born into such a musical family, he, too, started young as a composer.

Charlotte Lloyd Webber Parents

The award-winning interior designer Charlotte Lloyd Webber has not revealed any information about her parents. To this date, her parents’ names cannot be found on the internet.

She may have wanted to keep her parents out of the spotlight as a private person.

FAQ About Charlotte Lloyd Webber

Q.1 Who is Charlotte Lloyd Webber’s husband?

Ans. Her husband’s name has yet to be discovered.

Q.2 Who is Charlotte Lloyd Webber?

Ans. Charlotte Lloyd Webber is The designer of Castle Howard Christmas and event planner.

Q.3 Where is Charlotte Lloyd Webber from?

Ans. Charlotte Lloyd Webber was born in the United Kingdom.

Q.4 Who are Charlotte Lloyd Webber’ Parents?

Ans. Charlotte Lloyd Webber’s parent’s name has yet to be discovered.


Charlotte Lloyd Webber, a British event designer, is the daughter of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. She founded CLW Event Design, specializing in immersive event experiences. Charlotte is also associated with Lamplighter Drama, The Oxford Shakespeare Company, and CLW Design Studio. She’s known for Castle Howard’s Christmas design and takes inspiration from her surroundings. Charlotte and Andrew Lloyd Webber are not closely related despite sharing the same last name and being from London. Her parents’ details remain undisclosed, reflecting her private nature.

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