Meet Margarida Corceiro, Joao Felix Girlfriend

One of the most exciting young players in soccer right now is without a doubt Joao Felix. He is referred to as the “Golden Boy,” and it is simple to understand why given his exceptional speed, finishing ability, and dribbling skills. In this piece, we’ll concentrate on Felix’s girlfriend Margarida Cordeiro to get a deeper look at his life.

Who is João Félix’s girlfriend?

The young Portuguese star has been in a relationship with the bombshell Margarida Cordeiro. They met in 2019, and after talking for a while, Felix and Margarida Cordeiro started dating.

Joao and Margarida Cordeiro have been dating since then despite the difficulties of having a long-distance relationship. The couple still tries to spend as much time together as possible, as Felix lives in Spain and Margarida in Portugal.

Who is Margarida Corceiro?

Margarida became popular with soccer fans after dating Atletico Madrid star Joao Felix. But she is pretty famous in Portugal.

Margarida is a model represented by the Central Models agency. Also, in 2020, Margarida participated in the 5th edition of the Portuguese version of Dancing with the Stars.

Margarida Corceiro’s biography

Margarida Cordeiro was born on October 26, 2002, at 20. According to her birthdate, Margarida’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Margarida was born in Portugal, meaning her nationality is Portuguese, just like her boyfriend’s. Margarida also has an older sister, Beatriz Corceiro.

Career Paths Of Margarida Cordeiro 

The career of Margarida Cordeiro

As we have already mentioned, Margarida works as a model and has represented several big brands, such as Funky Project. The blue-eyed cutie also works as an actress. She made her debut in 2019 in the production Prisioneira of TVI. Since then, she has appeared in Bem me Quer.

Margarida Corceiro’s Height

Here it is for those wondering about Margarida’s height and weight. She is 1.66 m or 5 feet 35 inches and weighs 56 kg.

Her social Social Media

Margarida is very famous on social networks. She has gained more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Cordeiro also has over 110,000 followers on Twitter.

Margarida Cordeiro Nude

In 2020, Margardia Corceiro triggered a little discomfort on the networks. The Portuguese model mistakenly posted a photo of a man with his private parts exposed. His many subscribers have then thought that it was the striker of Atletico Madrid.

A small blunder with significant consequences. Especially on social networks. Margarida Cordeiro found herself in a very uncomfortable situation last weekend. The young Portuguese actress, in a couple since last year with Joao Felix, has inadvertently posted a photo, let’s say, quite embarrassing. In the shot, released a few moments in his Instagram story, we see a man in underwear slumped on his stomach.

The problem, his private parts are visible in close-up. Much to say that the many followers of “Magui” (more than 700,000) immediately thought it was the striker of Atletico Madrid. A wave of jokes and mockery flooded his notifications to the point that the 18-year-old woman, also a model, was forced to explain.

Margarida Cordeiro Net worth

We couldn’t find any specific information about Corceiro’s net worth. However, we do know the net worth of her boyfriend, Joao Felix, is around 40 million dollars.


Margarida Corceiro is a 20-year-old Portuguese model and actress who gained fame through her relationship with soccer player João Félix. She has worked in modeling and acting, with appearances for brands like Funky Project and roles in TV shows. Margarida is active on social media and has a significant following. Despite accidentally posting a controversial photo in 2020, Margarida remains a notable figure in the entertainment industry and as Félix’s girlfriend.

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